Giulia Grassi is a classical pianist interested in researching the connections between different musical cultures and styles.

Giulia has performed as a soloist and in several chamber ensembles across Italy, UK, Hungary, China and USA at venues including Accademia Filarmonica Romana (Rome), Victoria &Albert Museum (London) Millenaris Theatre (Budapest), the Italian Institute of Culture of  Beijing and the Italian Consolate of Guangzhou.

The encounter with Maestro Giovanni Carmassi in Summer 2010 was a fundamental step in Giulia’s musical growth. Since then she started studying intensively with him and obtained her Masters Degree in Piano Performance with honours at L. Cherubini Conservatory.

In 2016 Giulia moved to London, where she studied for two years at the Royal College of Music obtaining her second Masters in Piano Performance under the guidance of Norma Fisher, extraordinary piano teacher and constant source of inspiration.

Moreover, during the years Giulia attended many international Masterclasses, having the opportunity to study with great musicians such as Robert Levin, Dmitri Bashkirov, Angela Hewitt and Aldo Ciccolini among others.

Giulia’s interest in a wide range of music styles has brought her to approach the field of  classical and modern improvisation with organist Sophie-Véronique  Cauchefer-Choplin and  poli-instrumentalist and composer Claudia Bombardella.
From the very beginning Claudia was more than a musical mentor: thanks to her Giulia explored her potential beyond Western classical music and learned the importance of meditation as an essential tool for musical practice and performance.

In 2016, together with the diatonic accordionist Francesco Berrafato, Giulia founded Duoende.
The duo aims to find a common language between two apparently very different worlds: classical and folk music.
Through the composition of  original repertoire and the arrangement of both folk and classical pieces, the ensemble works mainly on the search for an innovative timbre given by the combination of these two instruments and of the histories of the musicians.

In 2018 Giulia has been selected with scholarship to attend the Global Musician Workshop held at Depauw University (Greencastle, USA).
The project is an idea by cellist Mike Block and is led by members of the Silkroad Ensemble, founded by the world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma.
The idea is to encourage the encounter between musicians from all over the world and spread the concept of a global and shared culture.
This life-changing experience has been possible thanks to Sarasvati Arte organisation, who generously  supported Giulia.

In 2015, together with Jonathan Ferrucci and Silvia Stoppani, Giulia founded Made in Music, a not for profit organisation that aims to create opportunities for young artists.
In the same year Made in Music organised the Lizzano Music Festival, with seven concerts of classical music.
In 2016, together with Sarasvati Arte, Made in Music organised Armonie – festival in movimento, a music festival that took place in five different cities of central Italy, bringing together young musicians from all over the world to play in beautiful venues of cultural interest.
Giulia was the co-Artistic Director of both festivals, whilst also performing as a soloist and in chamber ensembles.