Made in Music

Made in Music is a non-profit organisation that aims to spread musical culture and create opportunities for young artists.

Inspired by their friendship and shared love for music Giulia Grassi, Jonathan Ferrucci and Silvia Stoppani began the project in January 2015.

In August 2015 Made in Music organised the Lizzano Music Festival, with seven classical music concerts in small villages in Northern Italy. The festival’s location was a homage to Maestro Giovanni Carmassi, who for many years organised Summer Music Masterclasses in Lizzano in Belvedere.

In 2016, together with Sarasvati Arte, Made in Music organised Armonie – festival in movimento, a music festival that took place in five different cities in central Italy:  Città della Pieve, Roma, Perugia, Castiglione del Lago and Panicale.

Young musicians from eight different countries played in beautiful venues of cultural interest.

Made in Music regularly organises concerts and cultural events in Italy and abroad.

Armonie – Festival in movimento
August 2016

Museo delle Mura, Roma
Guided tour and concert

Spazio Kossuth, Città della Pieve
Guided tour and concert

Lizzano Music Festival
July – August 2015

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